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Senior Server in a 5-star hotel


Job Type




Job Description

Job Summary: The Senior Server plays a key role in delivering a superior dining experience to guests by providing exemplary service and ensuring the efficient functioning of the restaurant or banquet service. This position requires a high level of professionalism, strong communication skills, and the ability to lead and mentor junior staff.


  1. Guest Service:

    • Greet and welcome guests in a warm and friendly manner.

    • Assist guests with menu selections and provide detailed information about dishes, beverages, and specials.

    • Take accurate and complete orders from guests, ensuring specific dietary needs and preferences are noted.

    • Serve food and beverages promptly and professionally.

    • Address any guest concerns or special requests with a positive and accommodating attitude.

  2. Leadership and Training:

    • Provide guidance and leadership to junior servers.

    • Assist in the training of new staff, ensuring they understand service standards and hotel policies.

    • Lead by example in maintaining a high level of service excellence.

  3. Service Excellence:

    • Ensure all service standards are met and exceeded to maintain the hotel's five-star reputation.

    • Monitor and maintain a clean and organized dining area.

    • Coordinate with kitchen and bar staff to ensure efficient and timely service.

    • Anticipate guest needs and proactively address any issues to enhance the overall dining experience.

  4. Team Collaboration:

    • Collaborate with other members of the food and beverage team to ensure seamless service.

    • Communicate effectively with kitchen staff, bartenders, and other servers to ensure smooth operations.

  5. Upselling and Revenue Generation:

    • Suggest and promote additional items to enhance the guest experience and increase revenue.

    • Upsell premium menu items, special promotions, and beverages.

  6. Cash Handling:

    • Handle guest payments, process transactions accurately, and provide change as needed.

    • Ensure the proper handling and security of cash and credit card transactions.


  • Previous experience as a server in a high-end restaurant or five-star hotel.

  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

  • Strong knowledge of food and beverage menus.

  • Leadership and mentoring abilities.

  • Ability to work in a fast-paced environment and handle stressful situations calmly.

  • Attention to detail and a commitment to providing exceptional service.

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